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Documents Overview

The Documents tab from the left hand side menu of any page in Plannr is, as the name suggests, where you'll find any documents relating to you or your financial accounts.

Here you can see all your documents, both those in specific folders and those that are uncategorised.

Creating Folders

You can create folders in Plannr using the Add Folder

This brings up the following screen allowing you to input a folder title.

Uploading Documents

In Plannr you can quickly and easily upload your documents to folders you've created. Simply go into your folder and select the Upload Files button that appears.

From here, just pick which file from your device you would like to upload. Once you've selected it, you'll see it appear at the bottom as it uploads.

Downloading Documents

Downloading documents in Plannr is a breeze! Just click on the document you want to download.

Your document is now downloaded! You will be able to see it on the little black box that appears at the top of the screen on certain browsers (in this example we are using Chrome).

Alternatively, you can find it by going to the downloads folder on your device and it will be the most recent download.

Deleting Documents

To delete documents in Plannr, hover over the three dots icon on the document you want to delete.

This brings up three icons representing Edit file, Move file and Delete file. Select the Delete file icon (the red bin) and your document will be deleted.

Editing Document Names

As above, to edit documents in Plannr, hover over the three dots icon on the document you want to edit and select the Edit file icon (the pen and paper).

This brings up the following screen where you can edit the title of the document and save it to confirm.

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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