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Adding a Bank Statement

Plannr offers the option to add a Bank Statement manually or upload via CSV. This article covers adding manually, but information on how to upload a Bank Statement via CSV can be found here.

Manually Adding a New Bank Statement

Go to the Income Reconciliation section under the Business tab.
Select Bank Statements from the options on the left. You can also go in via a specific month.

Here you can see all your Bank Statements.

Press the Actions button in the top right.
Select Create Bank Statement.

The following modal then appears:

Select the payment period statement from the dropdown menu that appears. If you go in via a month, this will be pre-populated.
Enter the date of the bank statement.
Input the reference.
If you wish, enter a title for the for the statement.
Press Create when ready.

Once created, you will be taken to the following page with your new Bank Statement. You can also see the Statement Number at the top of the statement. This accrues as more statements are added.

Adding Transactions to a Bank Statement

Once your Bank Statement is created, you can add Transactions to it via the section at the bottom.

You can add multiple rows to the bank statement by selecting the Add Row button.

Once you're done, hit Save Transactions and the transactions will appear as below.

If anything needs changing, select the eye icon next to the relevant transaction. You can also see that the total at the top of the statement has changed to reflect the total of the transactions.

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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