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Setting Up Adviser Splits

Adviser Splits

Using the income reconciliation feature in Plannr, you can easily set up adviser splits.

Select the Settings option from the left hand side menu.

From here, select Income Reconciliation.

Now you can see three different options. For now, select Adviser Splits.

Here you can see all current adviser splits that have been set up in your business. We're looking to make a new one so select Add New.

Now give the new split a Name. This should be a precise name to easily identify which split is which when selecting in other areas of Plannr.

Decide on how much will go to the adviser and how much will stay with the firm.

Select the Type. For this example we'll go with the adviser split rather than plan split.

Create when ready.

And that's it - You now have an adviser split set up in Plannr!

information on Assigning Adviser Splits is available here.

Plan Splits

While Adviser Splits are likely to be used most of the time, sometimes there's a particular plan that requires a different kind of split for some reason. This can easily be set up in Plannr by following the aforementioned steps and selecting Plan for step 7.

Please note: Plan Splits will override any Adviser Splits already in place.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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