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Applying Charge Split Schemas

To apply a Charge Split Schema, select a plan from the Plans tab under Contacts on the left hand side. From here, select Add New and New Charge.

This brings up the following modal. For this example, we're looking at an introducer split. Here you select the introducer and the schema you want to use. The default settings for the schema are then added (like default percentage) and you decide whether or not this should apply to initial and/or ongoing charges.

Once created, clicking onto the Charge Splits brings up the following page, with the button to Calculate sample amounts.

Here you can calculate how much each entity would receive from any payment for this plan. In this example we have £100 split 70-30 between the adviser and the firm before the introducer takes a 7% cut from each side.

Information on Setting Up a Charge Split Schema is available here

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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