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Bulk Actions - Tasks

You're now able to carry out Bulk Actions on all tasks within your Plannr site. This article will outline how you can carry these out.

For this article, we're going to focus on the main My Tasks area, however Bulk Actions are available in the following task areas:

Dashboard > My Tasks (as explained in this article)
Within a Contact > Work > Tasks
Within a Plan > Work > Tasks
Within a Case > Work > Tasks

Accessing the Tasks Area

To access the main Tasks area, go to 'My Tasks' on the left-hand menu.

Bulk Actions Features

You'll notice a new button has been added called ‘Select Multiple’.

Once the 'Select Multiple' button has been selected, the following options are available:

Select Page or All
Page - This will select every task currently visible/loaded, this number will vary between the list view and the kanban view.
All - This will select every task given the current set of filters. If a particular assignee is selected in the filter, this will select all of their tasks. You can filter this down further by a time frame or status.
Clear Selected - This will show the current number of selected tasks and when clicked will remove all of those selected.
Cancel - This will close the component to regain normal usage of the task board.
Apply to subtasks - When toggled on, the action that is selected will apply to all subtasks of the task selected and cascade down. E.g. If you wanted to archive or complete a task and apply that to all of its subtasks, and their subtasks and so on, you can do that with this option.
If the 'apply to subtasks' option isn't selected and you try to carry out a complete bulk action, the bulk action will fail on any tasks with subtasks. Subtasks must be completed in order for the main task to be completed.
Keep selected - When toggled on, this will keep the previously selected tasks and allow another bulk action to be applied to the same set of tasks without having to reselect.
Bulk action selector - This is where you can select the bulk action you want to carry out

Available Bulk Actions

There are 8 Bulk Actions available under the Tasks area on Plannr, these are as follows:

Change Assignees: This allows three different types of action
Attach: Individual assignees can be added to the tasks.
Detach: Individual assignees can be removed from the tasks.
Overwrite: Remove all current assignees and replace with those selected.
Change Due Date: Adjust the due date of tasks.
Change Priority: Adjust the priority of tasks.
Change Status: Move tasks to any open status (except Complete and Archive)
Change Task Against: Changes where the tasks live i.e. moving it from a case task to a contact task.
There is also an option to change to the client task board view, once the bulk action has started
Complete: Completes all selected tasks.
Archive: Archives all selected tasks.
Delete: Deletes all selected tasks.

Carrying out a Bulk Action

For this example, we'll change the due date for a number of tasks, then change the status:

Select the tasks you want to amend
Toggle the 'Keep selected' option
Select 'Change Due Date' in the drop down box
Click Proceed

Once in the 'Change Due Date' screen, input the date you want to change the Due Date to
Click Save

On the next screen, a confirmation box will appear, this is to ensure you definitely want to carry out the bulk action. You will need to type in the relevant word, to continue with the bulk action, for this example you need to type in the word 'action' then click Yes to proceed

The bulk action will now run, if this is a large number of tasks this will run in the background.

Once the bulk action has completed, because you selected the 'Keep Selected' option, you can now go in and run another bulk action on the same set of tasks. Follow the steps above but select the 'Change Status' bulk action.

Bulk Actions Log

On the main 'My Tasks' area of Plannr, you'll find a Bulk Action Log page in the top-right hand corner

In here, you're able to see what Bulk Action has been carried out, along with any error logs if any tasks failed to be amended via the Bulk Action request.

Errors usually come from the 'apply to subtasks' option not being selected for certain Bulk Actions.

Employee Access Restrictions

Only users with write permissions will be able to see the multi-select option above the task board
Only users with write and delete permissions will be able to see the 'Delete' bulk action
All employee levels can access bulk actions (assuming they have the right permissions), however if you try assigning a task to a member, who cannot access the client it's assigned to, then the bulk action will fail.

Write/Delete permissions can be amended within the Access section of an Employee record

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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