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Filtering Tasks

Our Tasks system in Plannr has been recently updated! More general information about Tasks is available here.

In My Tasks you can filter to narrow down the tasks you are looking for.

Go to the My Tasks tab on the left hand side of any screen in Plannr.

Here you can see the main taskboard. Plannr will automatically apply a filter to only show you your own tasks but, if you are an Owner or Admin, you can press the Reset Filters button and see all tasks assigned to all employees.

Select the More Filters icon at the top of the page.

This opens up all the task filters.

Select the task assignees.

You can only see other individuals' tasks if you are an Owner or Admin.

Select a particular client. This will show all tasks associated with this client.

Choose which status you'd like to filter by. More information on Task Statuses is available here

If you want to filter by the name of the task, you can do so here.

Here you can filter by task type. These can be case, plan or client.

Select a date range to filter by task due date.

Decide if you wish to see all tasks, or only those with/without a due date.

If you'd like to filter by how overdue the task is, here you can filter by all, overdue, not overdue, due today, due this week and due next week.

Decide on the sort method and how many tasks you want to appear on each page.

Once your filters are applied, you can remove them at any time by selecting the reset filters icon.

You can also use the options in a to decide if the tasks should be showing in ascending or descending order. The options in b allow you to switch between the list and grid view. The options in c allow you to either hide or show archived tasks.

The list view shows you all tasks in a list, including any subtasks.

Updated on: 02/07/2024

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