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Setting Up Charge Split Schemas

Charge splits can be used to split the revenue from a particular plan.

Setting Up a Charge Split

From any page in Plannr select the Settings tab from the left hand side menu

Select Income Reconciliation.

Choose Charge Split Schemas.

Here you can see all existing schemas.

Select Add New.

The following modal comes up with a lot of options.

Decide on a name for this split.

Select the range for this split. This can be as wide as you would like and unless otherwise altered the split will maintain the default split %.

Decide how this split will be paid. Setting this as 50% firm 50% adviser will mean any deduction will be split evenly- e.g. a 12% split will be paid 6% by the firm and 6% by the adviser.

Choose how FCI contributions will be affected, i.e. can the value be changed and will the introducer be recognised.

Decide whether this split will be applied to initial charges and if this split will be the default for that.

Select is this split is to be applied to ongoing charges and if this split will be the default for that.

Decide who this split should be applicable to- advisers, introducers and/or clients.

Determine if this is split ought to be visible to advisers.

Save when ready.

Information on Applying a Charge Split Schema is available here

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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