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Joint Clients

In Plannr, we have four different client types. This article will focus on Joint Clients.

Adding a Joint Client

When going to add a new client, you will see the option to select joint as the client type. In Plannr, a joint account is made from two individual accounts. You can choose to either select the individual clients that make up the joint account from your existing client records, or you can create new individual clients.

Once in the joint client, under many of the personal details sections you will be able to choose to view either the information on the joint client, one of the individuals that make up the joint client, or all of the above. To set this, go to the filter by contact selection on the left.

Switching Between Client Records

You can easily switch between the joint client record and the individual client records in Plannr. When viewing a client record, from the breadcrumbs along the top you will see an arrow pointing down. Clicking this shows you any other client records that the individual is a part of (including business or trust client records if applicable), and you can click into the record you would like to view.

Adding Plans to the Joint Client

When adding a plan to the joint client, you have an additional selection available so you don't have to switch between the different contact records.. Here, you can choose if this plan belongs to the joint client, or either of the individual contact records that make up the joint client.

information on Joint Factfinds is available here.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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