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Client Portal Access

From an Existing Client

Go to the desired client's page and select Add New and then Login.

The following modal then appears allowing you to input the client's details. You can also decide if this login will expire and whether or not this login should be able to edit details on the account.

On Client Creation

When creating a client, there is the option to Send Welcome Email. Selecting this will provide the client with a welcome email that allows them to set up their access to the client portal.

Client View

Once the client has been created, they will receive the following email welcoming them. Selecting the Set Up Account button allows them to create their account.

Once the Set Up Account button is pressed, they are presented with the following page where they select a password and decide whether or not the enable 2 factor authentication (whereby they must not only input their password to log in but also a code received via SMS).

After this is completed, selecting Finish Setup will take them to the following page, where they are invited to Sign In.

Once they have signed in, they will be taken to the client portal.

Updated on: 10/11/2023

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