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Creating a Client

From the Dashboard, select Quick Add. You can also add a new client from the Contacts page.

From here, select Add New Client

This brings up the following modal with sections along the left hand side.

Only the sections with the * are mandatory.

First, fill in the basic client details. This is the only section that has mandatory fields (unless you have made any custom fields mandatory), so if you are in a rush you can hit Save to finish creating the client.

Next, navigate to the Personal Details section by selecting it from the left hand side of the modal and enter in the client’s details.

After this, enter in their Contact and Preferences details.

The next section is Service, which covers details like groups and the assigned adviser. These are useful to fill out as this information can then be used to pre-populate fields when using other feature of Plannr, like Factfinds or Automations.

If you are down as an Adviser in Plannr you will be automatically assigned as a client's Assigned Adviser. If you are an Administrator, you will need to add an Adviser as the Assigned Adviser and add yourself as the Assigned Administrator.

After this we have Key Dates, including fields such as previous and next review date.

Next is Custom Fields, these can be set up in the Settings. More information on that is available here.

Lastly we have Portal Access and Triggers. Here you configure if and how your client will access Plannr and trigger a workflow if you wish. Further information on Client Portal access is available here.

Once you’re happy with the details you’ve inputted, hit Save.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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