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In Plannr, Tasks are an easy way to keep track of what needs to be done. From the Dashboard, you can see all open tasks assigned to you on the left hand side.
You can click on the My Open Tasks to go to the My Tasks section, or alternatively find My Tasks from the menu on the left hand side, under My Overview.

My Tasks

The My Tasks section from the left hand side menu under the My Overview. Here you can see the main taskboard. Plannr will automatically apply a filter to only show you your own tasks but, if you are an Owner or Admin, you can press the Reset Filters button and see all tasks assigned to all employees. More information on the different filters available can be found here.

The columns at the top represent Task Statuses and are configured in the Settings. More information is available here.

You can drag a task to a different column to change the Task Status.

Clicking on a task takes you to the task in the client, case or plan that it is stored against. Here, you can view the description of the task, any notes that have been made on it and any subtasks associated with it. You can also mark a task as done by selecting the Complete button, highlighted below.

You can also edit the task from this page. More information on adding and editing tasks can be found here.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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