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Adding an Employee

Adding an Employee Contact Record

Go to the Contacts tab from the left hand side menu

Go to the top right hand side and select Add New

Choose Employee

This will bring up a modal to enter in the employees details

Decide if the employee is also a Prospect.

Enter the employee’s first and last name

Enter their email address

Enter their meeting booking link. More information on this is available here.

Select the employee’s role within Plannr- Owner, Admin or Adviser.

Owners users have super-level access and can control billing, teams, branding and other firm-level settings.

Admin users have access to control teams, branding and settings but not billing.

Member users have day-to-day access to Plannr.

Select the Employee’s department. These roles are used in various dropdown lists through Plannr and we have the following roles available:








Select which Group the employee should belong to. More information on Groups is available here.

Select the RMAR advice type.

Choose which adviser split should be applied to this employee. Further information on this can be found here.

Input the employee’s anniversary date.

Select Save when ready.

Giving Employees Access to Plannr

To give employees access to Plannr, you’ll need to set up a login in the Access tab for them. This will automatically add an extra licence to your billing.

Clicking Create Login brings up the following modal, asking you to configure this employee's access.

a) Enter in the employee's work email address. This will be what they use to login to Plannr.

b) Decide if this login should expire after a certain date. Selecting yes here will mean a date selector appears.

c) Decide on the employee's permissions and determine if they should have write and delete access. This can be changed at a later date if needed.

Once you hit save, the employee will be sent the following email, inviting them to login to Plannr.

Just as a reminder we bill per active employee; in other words employees who have logins to Plannr so if you're adding employees without a login you won't be billed for them until you enable their login functionality.

Editing an Employee's Access

Owners and Admin with write and delete permissions are able to edit the access of employees.

To delete a login, click on the bin icon on the login card.

To edit the employee's permissions, click anywhere else on the card.

This then brings up the following modal, allowing you to change the permissions and the expiry of the login.

ACTION REQUIRED: Our selectors that allow you to select a client's assigned adviser or administrator are now powered by these departments so if you make use of that feature in Plannr please make sure you correctly set the departments for your team.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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