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Setting Up 2FA

2-Factor Authentication adds a layer of security to your Plannr account and as such we would recommend all Plannr users enable it.

Navigating to 2FA in Settings

Select the Settings tab from the left hand side menu

Select Account Details.

Here you’ll see a section titled Manage 2-Factor Authentication.

Setting up SMS 2FA

Selecting the SMS 2FA option brings up the following box to input your phone number. Once that is done, press the Send SMS button.

Once this is sent, a box appears asking for the code that was sent via SMS.

You should receive a text like this giving you the authentication code.

Once entered, you’ll see a banner confirming that your 2FA is set up and working.

If you want to change your phone number for 2FA, simply change the number in the box and you’ll receive a code to the new number.

Setting Up App-Based 2FA

The recommended 2FA method is using an Authenticator App. In this example, we’ll use the Google Authenticator.

Once app-based 2FA is selected, a QR code will appear (this has been blurred for privacy). This can be scanned on your authenticator app. If for whatever reason this does not work, there is a OTP setup url.

DO NOT share your QR code or OTP setup url with anyone else.

After scanning the QR code on your authenticator app, you should see a code appear. The Google Authenticator code appears like this

Once the code is inputted, you’ll see a green bar appear confirming that the set-up is complete.

There is also the option to reset your app-based 2FA should it be required.

Below this, there is the option to display recovery codes. As the text below details, if you are unable to get into your authenticator app, these codes can be restore access to your account.

We advise that you keep a secure record of these recovery codes should you need them.

Logging in with 2FA

When logging in, after inputting your password you’ll see an additional box appear asking for your authentication code. This can be found either on your authenticator app if set up with app-based 2FA, or it will be delivered via text if SMS 2FA is set up.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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