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Editing your Branding

In this section you can change the colours of Plannr to match your firms branding and your companies logo.

On the left hand side select settings.

Then click branding.

You can change the colours of every element within the app, the colour scheme for your branded emails, and add your company logo, icon and banner image.

Here you can see which colours relate to the various elements of your branded emails.

Your logo is the fully expanded side menu image, your icon is the condensed side menu image and your banner is the image which sits in the background of the client portal dashboard.

Once you have selected the various colours and added the images you'd like, hit save to see your changes.

Next you can create a branded login page for your users. Toggling yes to enable the branding allows you to upload an image which will be visible on your login screen for all employees and clients.

Finally, to customise your welcome messages which will be sent to your clients directly from the app, you have options here using data placeholders to personalise any communications from your firm.

To return back to the original branding, select Reset then save.

A Branding Colour Guide is available here

Updated on: 19/04/2024

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