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Branding Colour Guide

This guide will help you to identify the different areas of the app and emails where the colours are used - this will help you when planning out your own custom colour schemes.

Only two colours from the Branding page are used on the notification emails, these are 1. Sidebar Background and 2. Sidebar Accent for the title bar at the top.

The rest are used for the app, we will explore these below.

Sidebar Background will alter the colour of the main sidebar background.

Sidebar Text controls the colour of the text on the sidebar - be careful to choose one that goes well with your chosen background colour!.

Sidebar Hover Background highlights the section of the sidebar your mouse is currently hovering, not a problem for mobile devices, but on desktop you can change this to compliment 1 and 2 above.

Sidebar Active is the colour your sidebar text will turn when you hover over it with a mouse.

You’ll have your lovely company logo within the title block, but this can control the area of colour behind it - to make those logos pop!

Finally we’ll explore the last selection of options.

Sidebar Title Background will also control the block of colour behind the Account information at the bottom of every page.

Sidebar Title highlights your name.

Sidebar Sub Title alters the email colour.

Sidebar Sub Title Hover controls the colour the sub title will turn when you hover over it with your mouse.

Have fun with this, but should you run into trouble - here’s a link back to the branding page: and at the base of that is a default button that will restore all the original colours.

For reference, these are below as well:

Sidebar Background: #0e0e56

Sidebar Accent: #36367e

Sidebar Text: #ffffff

Sidebar Hover Background: #0a0a42

Sidebar Active: #53dbb8

Sidebar Title Background: #000028

Sidebar Title: #ffc634

Sidebar Sub Title: #ffffff

Sidebar Sub Title Hover: #ffffff

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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