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Navigating around Plannr

When you log into Plannr, you’ll see the navigation bar collapsed to the left hand side.

In this navigation bar, there are several icons that represent the following:

a) Expand the Nav

Selecting this icon allows you to expand the navigation bar, bringing up the different section details.

b) Home

This icon takes you to your home dashboard.

c) Contacts

This takes you to the contacts page. You can also find Plans under this section.

d) Cases

This icon takes you to the cases page.

e) Business

This icon takes you to the business section, with features such as Form Builder, Automations and Imports/Exports.

f) Settings

This icon takes you to the settings menu. From here, you can configure Plannr to suit your business, using tools like Client Statuses, Workflows and Branding. You can also find the Income Reconciliation section here.

Please note: Settings options are only available to Owners and Admin in Plannr.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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