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Filtering Plans

When searching on the Plans page, there are a variety of filters you can use to narrow down your results.

Selecting More Filters gives the following advanced options for filtering:

Here you can input the client’s name to bring up any plans under that account.

There is also the option to input a policy number and filter by that.

You can also search for plans by specific providers.

The option to filter by a plan name is here.

You can filter by the seller of the plan here.

The option to filter by abstract type is here. The different types are:




Here you can filter by plan type. These can be the following:

Cash Account


Protection Policy



General Insurance

Group Protection


Equity Release

Loan Credit

Fixed Asset

In addition to this, you can filter by the following plan statuses:




Here you can filter by any Tags that have been created and assigned. More information on this can be found here.

There is also the option to filter based on whether or not the plan is a wrap product. More information on this can be found here.

Here you can define ranges for the valuation of a plan and filter by that.

Lastly, you can alter the order in which the clients appear. There are several options for this sort by field:

Created at

Updated at



Once these filters have been applied, you will see you have further options at the top.

The options in a will allow you to change whether the clients are ascending or descending.

As Plannr remembers any filters you’ve used when you revisit the page, the undo arrow (b) is a handy tool that allows you to undo those filters and restore to default settings.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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