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Group Schemes

Groups schemes can only be set up on a Business Client and must have Staff Members already set up. Further information on staff members is available here.

Creating a Group Scheme

From your business client, go to Add New

From the drop-down list the appears, select Plan.

Add in the information as you would for a normal plan, but select Yes when it asks if this plan should be a Group Scheme.

This option only appears after selecting the plan type

Once saved, go into the new plan.

Select Add in the top right

From the dropdown list that appears, select Scheme Member

Select the appropriate client. This client must already be listed as a Staff Member for the business. Further information on this is available here.

Select the status.

Enter in the policy number.

Select the on-risk date.

Enter their workplace location

Input their employment division

Save when ready.

Editing Group Scheme Members

Go into the plan and select the Scheme Members tab.

Here you’ll see a list of all the members of the group scheme, along with their details.

Under the Actions column there is a pen and a bin icon. The pen allows you to edit the scheme member’s details while the bin icon lets you delete the scheme member from this plan.

Sub Schemes

Sub Schemes can be added within existing Group Schemes.

Select Add

Choose Sub Scheme

Enter a name for the sub-scheme

Select the status of the sub-scheme

Input the sub-scheme policy number

Enter the on-risk date

Save when ready!

Please note: When creating a sub-scheme, there must not be any group members currently in the main group scheme.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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