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How to Add a Wrap Product

Information on linking plans to Wrap Products can be found here.

Adding a New Wrap Product

To add a wrap product, first go through the usual steps to add a plan. As this is a wrap product, ensure that the plan is either an investment or pension plan, and that the subtype is a wrap or wrapper.

At the bottom of the ‘Plan Type’ tab when adding a plan, you’ll be asked if this is a wrap product. Simply select yes here and continue to fill out the plan details.

Making an Existing Plan a Wrap Product

Once you have your plan set up, go to Wrap Details under the Plan Details tab.

Here you’ll be given the options to either mark this as a wrap product or mark it as a plan within a wrap.

Once marked as a wrap product, the second question is replaced with the ability to link any plans that are held within the wrap product.

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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