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Editing Plans

Once your plan is created, it's easy to go in and edit it!

Locating your Plan

From the plans tab under contacts on the left hand side menu, select the plan you wish to edit

Clicking on a plan will take you to the plan dashboard. From here, selecting Details from the plan menu shows you all the sections available for editing within this plan. These sections will change depending on the plan type. In this example, we are looking at a mortgage.


Plan Details

Under the Plan Details tab you can amend any basic plan information. This is also where you would indicate if the plan is a wrap product, more information on that is available here.


Under the Sub-Accounts tab you can see all accounts and sub-accounts within this plan. To add a sub-account, select add at the top and choose sub-account from the dropdown menu that appears.


Under the Transactions tab you will see a history of any transactions into or out of the plan that have been logged in the system. More information on managing Transactions is available here.


Under the Financial tab you will see any relevant financial information that has been logged in Plannr. As this example plan is a mortgage, here we can see fields relating to the repayment terms.


Under the Linked tab you can link clients' plans together if they relate. As this example plan is a mortgage, we can link the associated property (already saved as a fixed asset plan in Plannr) here.


Under the Premium tab you can log any premium contributions. More information on Premium History is available here.

Proposal Tracking

Under the Proposal Tracking tab you can monitor the progress of any proposed plans. Here you can save key information such as the completion and confirmation dates.

Custom Fields

Under the Custom Fields tab you can view and edit any custom fields you have saved at a plan level. More information on Custom Fields is available here.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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