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Updating Existing Plan Data - Wraps

Using the export and import tools, you can update your plans in bulk to reflect whether or not they’re a wrap product, or if they are a child of a wrap product. More information on Wrap Products can be found here.

Step 1 - Plan Export

First, we’ll need to perform a Plan Export to get a csv of the existing Plans. In this example, I’m going to focus on only one client but you can do this with as many clients as you like at the same time.

Step 2 - Update the CSV

Once the export is completed, open it and look for the ‘is_wrap_product’ column. Change the ‘no’ to a ‘yes’ for any plans that should be Wrap Products. Ensure to save this when done.

Step 3 - Import Updated CSV

Now your csv has been changed to reflect the plans that are wrap products, import the csv back into Plannr using the Update option.

After importing, if you go to the Wrap Details tab on plans that have been updated, you’ll see that they now appear as Wrap Products.

Step 4 - Update CSV Again

Now go back to the CSV you updated before, and look for the column marked ‘uuid’. Copy the uuid of the Wrap Product you wish to add child plans to, and paste it into the column marked ‘wrap_uuid’ of the child plans. Ensure to save this when ready.

Step 5 - Import Updated CSV Again

Now that the csv has been updated again to indicate which plans should be linked to wrap products, import the csv again using the Update mode.

Once completed, you should be able to see your Wrap Product with all the child plans within it on the Client’s Plans page.

Please note: This must be done in two steps- The first to update the Wrap Products and the second to update the linked plans.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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