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Holdings and Portfolios

In Plannr, you can create portfolios of holdings for your clients.

Making a Portfolio

To add a Portfolio, go to the relevant plan and, from the menu on the left, select Sub Accounts.

From here, you can see all your sub accounts in this particular plan. Click on the one that you wish to add a portfolio to.

Here you should see all your current holdings, and you can add a portfolio by selecting the Add Portfolio button at the top.

The following modal then appears allowing you to input a name for the portfolio, a date for the proposal and to select whether or not this portfolio is proposed. Once you're ready, hit save and your portfolio is made!

Adding Holdings to a Portfolio

Once you have made your Portfolios, you can add Holdings to them.

Go to the Add button and, from the dropdown menu that appears, select Holdings.

This brings up the following modal:

Here, select the portfolio this should be added to from the dropdown list. In addition, input a name for the holding, the ISIN and/or SEDOL, number of units and the unit price.

Without a SEDOL or ISIN you will be unable to sync this holding against any future provider feeds.

Once you are ready, select either Create or Create and Add More.

Switching Portfolios

Portfolios can be Active, Proposed or Previous and can be switched easily.

Proposed portfolios appear in the sub account at the top above the holdings.
The Active portfolio is the one currently applied to the client's plan. The holdings in this portfolio are displayed under the Holdings title.
Previous portfolios are shown at the bottom of sub account page, below the holdings.

On Proposed portfolios there are two buttons: set as current and reject.

Setting a portfolio as current makes it the Active portfolio, and rejecting a portfolio sets it as a Previous portfolio. Below, you can see that I set Portfolio #1 as my Active portfolio, and rejected Portfolio #2. At the top, you can see that the system calculates the total value of my holdings and displays it.

You can also change the Active portfolio by selecting the edit button.

This brings up the following modal allowing you to edit the sub account, as well as select the Active portfolio.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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