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Adding People to a Group

Adding people to a Group in Plannr is easy! More information on Groups can be found here.

From the Individual’s page

To add an individual to a Group from their page, go to Actions and select Update Basic Details.

From here, click on Service then you can update which Groups the individual is in. Remember to Save once ready.

From Settings (Bulk Add)

You can bulk add individuals from the Groups page in the Settings tab.

Here you can see all the current Groups in your Plannr. Click on the Group you wish to add people to.

This brings up the following screen showing all current members of that group. From here, you can click the Add New People button.

The following modal appears asking you to select which type of individual you wish to add. Once this is selected, a box appears asking you to search for the desired individuals using the first 3 letters of their name. Once you’ve added all the individuals, remember to hit Save.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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