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EDI (Automated Provider Remuneration Statements)

Plannr offers EDI (Electronic Data Interface). These are automated Provider remuneration statements, enabling the addon will start the process to automatically send statements to Plannr rather than receiving statements via email or having to download from the Provider site.

Please setup your FCA number which can now be saved and stored against your firm on your Plannr site. This is required for EDI and upcoming improvements to our Addons.

Verifying your FCA Number

Setting Up EDI

To set this up, navigate to the Addons menu from the Settings tab. Here you can see all the available Addons and their categories on the left hand side.

To see the available EDI Add-ons, navigate to the EDI category.

Prior to selecting the Enable button please review the Info and setup instructions. This article acts as a generic setup guide for all providers.

You will need to contact each Provider that currently offer EDI via Plannr, a list of these and their suggested emails address are shown later in this guide.

In order for Plannr to set up your EDI (E-Revenue) the providers require written confirmation / instruction from yourselves. We have prepared the below as a standard template that can be updated as necessary, where text is in Red this should be replaced with your company name, the date from (probably immediately or when you want to start to receive statements) and your FCA details.

Please edit the template as appropriate and send this in its entirety to the providers that you wish to set up EDI with. Please see the list of supported providers below with their contact details and feel free to include (via cc) [email protected] so our team are aware of your request.

Please take this as my instruction for you to set up EDI for COMPANY NAME for all associated agencies with effect from DD/MM/YYYY

Our FCA Number is (XXXXXXX)

Please can you confirm when this has been set up and also if you can’t set them up for any reason.

Statements should be sent to the following EDI mailbox address: ibp1!fts!PLANNR.

Once the Provider has actioned your request the addon will automatically be set as "active" within Plannr. This happens when we receive the first file from them.

Please Note - waiting time differs with each Provider. Also once an email has been sent the Provider they will cease to be send to any previous CRM BackOffice from the date you have specified above. If you currently receive statements via email or post and still want these format you may need to let the Provider know as many will cease to send these.

Current Providers

Aviva - [email protected] / [email protected]
Prudential - [email protected] - New setup or cessation or [email protected] - All other EDI-related requests
Standard Life - [email protected] / [email protected]

More Providers coming soon.

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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