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Creating a Factfind

Factfind is a feature that allows you to send a client a form for them to fill in. The information they input will be automatically added to the appropriate section on the client’s account.

Select Factfind Schemas under the Settings section from the menu on the left.

Select Add New to create a new schema.

Enter a name for the schema that will be used when choosing which factfind to send to a client. In this example, the factfind is going to be asking for basic information about the client.

An Introduction can then be added that the client would see as they start the factfind.

Once these sections are completed, select Create to make the factfind.

A factfind has now been created, but it needs Sections. Add a section by dragging and dropping one of the options from the right hand side. You can view further information on the specific sections here

Once added, you can edit or delete the section by pressing on the pen and bin icons respectively

When all your sections are added, you are ready to send a Factfind Request to a client! More information on this can be found here

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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