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Email Integration

In Plannr, you can store and sort your emails from clients easily. To watch a quick video of the integration, click here.


Your Mailbox can be found in the Settings area of Plannr, and here you will see all the mailboxes that are currently linked to this site.

More information on setting up your mailbox in Plannr is available here.

Once you have followed the instructions in the article above, you'll see that your mailbox will be syncing. Please be aware that this may take a few hours.

When this is complete, you will see the status change to connected.

At any time you can edit the name of the mailbox or delete it by selecting the pen and bin icons respectively.

Viewing Emails

You must input the client's email on their contact record before you'll be able to see emails from them in plannr

Once your mailbox is setup, any incoming emails from clients will be filed under the client record associated with their email address. You can then view the emails from within a client's contact record. From here, open up the Work menu and select Email from the dropdown.

Here you can all your emails from this particular client. Each email is stamped with the date and time you received it, and you can use the search bar to look for specific emails if you wish.

You will only be able to see emails that have come in since setting up your mailbox. No historic data is available.

On the email you can see two little symbols

a) Clicking chain icon copies the link to the email to your clipboard

b) Clicking on the little i makes the email fullscreen.

Deleting Emails

When deleting emails, you can either delete the entire thread or one particular email using our two delete buttons.

a) Clicking on the delete button on the left deletes the entire thread of emails.

b) Clicking on the delete button on the right deletes that specific email.

Please note:

Emails come through to the client record that is associated with that email address, so you may wish to double check your clients' primary email addresses on Plannr.

For business clients, you must ensure that the email address you wish to receive mail from on behalf of that company is down as the primary email for that business client. You can check this by going to the business client dashboard and looking under the contact tab.

If you are emailing a client and you do not want the email to appear in Plannr, you can put [confidential] anywhere in the subject (including the brackets) and Plannr will ignore it. This is case insensitive, but must include the brackets.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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