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Unipass Certificates

Unipass Certificates in Plannr

Unipass certificate

To have access to secure information and our contract enquiry add ons like, Royal London, you will need to have a Unipass digital certificate. This pass provides added security for both users and providers who are sending secure information.

In order to obtain a Unipass digital certificate, users need to complete a Unipass identity registration form. This would include their own individual information and firm for which they work for. You can do this here. (

Exporting your Unipass certificate from your computer


Start by typing in the search bar "run", within this open box search mmc. This will load Microsoft Management Console.

Next click on File then Add/Remove Snap-in

In the left hand box you will need to select certificates and click add. Then select My user account and finish , Then click okay to close the Snap-ins dialog.

Then select My user account and finish , Then click okay to close the Snap-ins dialog.

Select certificate on the left then personal certificates. The certificate will then appear as issued by Unipass or Origo

Right click then export.

When the export dialog appears, select do not export private key. Then click next.

After this you want to select DER encoded binary x.509 (.cer)

Save this certificate somewhere on you computer and then follow the steps to upload to Plannr.


First you will need to search 'Keychain Access' on your Mac.
When prompted Open Keychain access.

Click on certificate tab and find the certificate issued by Origo, it may be called Unipass or the name of your company.

Once you have found your certificate, right click and export the certificate. Select the type .cer Then save this export.

Once on Plannr upload the unipass certificate.

Upload your Unipass certificate to Plannr

To upload your Unipass Certificate you will need to go onto settings, then Account details.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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