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Client Statuses

In Plannr you have the ability to create client statuses which appear next to the client’s name.

These statuses can help you organise clients and can be updated at any time.

Creating a Status

To create a client status, go to the Settings tab from the left hand side menu and select Client Statuses.

You’ll then see a list of all the current statuses. To make a new status, select the Create New button in the top right.

This brings up the following modal asking you to choose a name and colour for the new tag. Once completed, hit save and the status is ready to use.

Editing a Status

At any time you can edit a status from the Client Statuses section in the Settings tab. Once here, hovering over the three dots on any of the statuses will bring up the options to edit the status (the pen icon) or to delete the status (the bin icon).

Assigning a Status

You can assign a status to a client from the client profile view. Once here, select Actions and Update Basic Details.

From here, go to the Service tab and scroll until you see the Current Status field.

You can then select the appropriate status for the client and it will appear next to their name at the top.

Updated on: 06/10/2023

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