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Completing a Client's Expenditure

More information on Expenditure can be found here.

To view expenditure from a client’s page, go to Personal Details and then Expenditure.

Here you can record the client’s expenses for each field. The tabs at the top allow you to switch between different life stages.

Joint Clients

For joint clients, you have three columns for each field. You can either record the expenses as a joint expense or an individual expense on either of the individual clients. While joint expenses do not carry over to the individual client record, any individual expenses entered will.

Requesting Expenditure via Factfind

You can send a factfind request to a client asking them to fill in their expenses. More information on Factfinds can be found here.

First, you need to set up a factfind with an ‘expenses’ section. Once saved, you can send this to the client to complete.

Going back into the client you want to send the request to, go to add new and then factfind request. Select the appropriate factfind schema and it can be sent off to the client!

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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