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Conquest integration

Conquest integration

Plannr supports integration with Conquest, allowing you to sync Clients and their Plans, Incomes, and Expenses from Plannr to Conquest.

The Add ons store is the place to find extra features you can add to Plannr.

From any page in Plannr, go to Settings then select Add ons.

From here you will be able to see the Add ons available, you can sort using the Categories on the left.

Adding the add on

Choose the Add on you require then begin following the set up steps.

For existing Conquest users:
To set up the link between Conquest and Plannr you will need to contact Conquest at [email protected] and request your tenant's Client ID and Secret.
Provide your Client ID and Client Secret under the configuration tab ad click enable.

Plannr and Conquest Guide

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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