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Conversations are a great way to get in touch with your clients through Plannr.

Clients can also create conversations with their advisers in Plannr!
If there is no Assigned Adviser, Plannr will send the client's message to all employees in the client's group.

Creating a Conversation

Select the Conversations icon from the top right hand side

This brings up the conversations modal where you can see all current conversations.

Select the + icon to start a new conversation.

Enter a name for the conversation

Enter in the desired client’s name

Create when ready

Once created the following screen should appear so you can start sending messages! You can also drag and drop any files you need to send to the client into the conversation here.

Selecting the conversations icon on a specific client/case will bring up all the conversations involving that client/case.

Managing Conversations

On each conversation, there are four buttons at the top to manage the clients.

The first icon, the pin, allows you to save a conversation at the top of the conversations tab.

The second icon, the people, allows you to see the participants in the conversation.

The third icon, the box, allows you to archive a conversation to move it from the main conversation list. You can choose between active and archived conversations by selecting from the options at the top.

The fourth icon, the rubbish bin, allows you to delete the conversation.

Navigating Conversations

When in a conversation, you can easily navigate back to the main conversations screen by going up to the breadcrumbs and selecting Conversations.

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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