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Royal London Integration

The Add ons store is the place to find extra features you can add to Plannr.

From any page in Plannr, go to Settings then select Add ons.

From here you will be able to see the Add ons available, you can sort using the Categories on the left.

Adding the Add on.

Choose the Add on you require then begin following the set up steps.

Royal London will retrieve daily valuations for your Royal London pensions and bonds Via Origios Integration hub. This service requires a Unipass certificate to be uploaded to your account details.

You'll then see this pop up with two sections, these being Info and Setup Instructions, which, as their names suggests, gives basic information about this particular Add on, and details on how to set it up.

Royal London works only on Pensions and Bonds. Once enabled it will auto sync data from existing plans on Plannr and any new plans added will have the data added to that plan. This, however, will not export historical data. You must ensure Unipass certificates have been uploaded.

You must remember to upload your Unipass Certificate to continue with this add on.

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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