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Editing a Factfind

After sending a Factfind to a client, you may find the need to edit it after the client has submitted.

Go to the Contacts tab from the left hand side menu.

Select the client with the factfind you need to change.

Click on the Work tab to bring up the following options.

Select Factfind Requests.

Here you can see all Factfind Requests, along with the sent date, progress status and percentage completion.

Click on the name of the factfind you wish to edit.

Here you will be able to go through the Factfind as a client would, so you can easily edit any section.

Once you're done editing the Factfind, select the Finish button. This button will only appear when you are on the last section of the Factfind.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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