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Factfind Sections

There are various sections you can select to make up your bespoke Factfind. More information on Factfinds can be found here

When you send a factfind request, the client received this notification.

Clicking on view brings up the factfind with the selected sections. Below are the input forms your client sees for each section.

1. Basic Details:

2. Contact Details:

Clicking Add Telephone Number brings up this screen:

Clicking New Email brings up this screen:

Clicking New Address brings up this screen:

3. Dependants:

Clicking Add Dependant brings up this screen:

4. Employment:

Clicking Add Employment Record brings up this screen:

5. Income:

Clicking Create income record brings up this screen:

6. Expenses:

7. Health:

8. Estate Planning:

9. Goals:

Clicking Set a goal brings up this screen:

10. State Pension:

11. Assets, Liabilities, Investments & Protection Policies:

Clicking Add brings up a modal with three sections:




At the bottom of each section there is this bar that allows the client to navigate between the sections. There is also the option to mark this section as complete.

Once all sections have been marked as complete and the client hits Finish, they are presented with this prompt.

Once they press Yes, the information filled in will be applied to their account.

Updated on: 12/04/2024

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