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On a client’s page there is a notes page. You can add notes to keep on top of everything i.e. making note of an attempted call or meeting minutes.

Clicking into this box allows you to enter in your message, including mentioning colleagues with the @ symbol. When ready, press the green send icon.

Note Types

There are four different types of notes, indicated by these symbols:

In order, they are a general note, a phone call, email and a meeting. This allows you to categorise the type of note.

You can make notes in a variety of different places in Plannr, including on Plans, Cases, Tasks and Risk Assessments. These notes are collated at a client level on the client dashboard. Under each note, you can see the location of the note e.g. ‘Board Task / Book Meeting With Client’.

Notes can be edited or deleted by anyone in your firm by hovering over the note and selecting either the pen or the bin icon respectively.

Filtering Notes

You can filter by both note type and note location.

The possible note types are as above, and the possible note locations are:

You can use a combination of these to narrow down your notes so you see exactly what you need. To remove the filters, simply click the x on the remove filters button that appears.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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