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Raising a Feature Enhancement

Tell us your great ideas!

It's very easy to let us know your thoughts when it comes to improved functionality on Plannr - and we love to hear your suggestions as it helps us shape the system that truly makes your lives easier.

From within your Plannr app, click on the dropdown menu next to your account initials (top right), and select Roadmap & Updates

From here, a window will pop up that allows you to rate your experience, view other people's recently suggested items, upvote anything you would also like to see written into Plannr, and add a new suggestion of your own.

From here, we will add a new feature request:

Your Feature Enhancement message box pops up, where you can add a category to show which area of Plannr this affects, how urgent this is to you and your firm, a brief description of what you would like to see, and any screenshots or images applicable to help with your suggestion.

Handy to know - if a feature enhancement has already been raised, you may see it in the suggested list, meaning you don't need to duplicate the entry and can simply upvote the original request instead!

And that's it! Hit submit and your suggestion will be sent off for moderation and approval. Thank you for helping us to make Plannr an even more powerful app than it already is!

Updated on: 08/01/2024

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