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Setting Up a Branded Client Portal

In Plannr, you have the ability to personalise the login page to match your firm’s branding.

This can only be edited by Owners or Admin. Further information on Employee roles can be found here.

Go to the Settings tab from the left hand side menu of any page in Plannr.

Select Branding.

When in Branding, scroll to the bottom of the section. Here you’ll find the Login Options. Slide the Enable Branded Login option on.

Once this is enabled, an option comes up for you to upload a banner image. Do so by either dragging and dropping an image into that box, or by simply selecting from existing photos on your device.

Once uploaded, hit Save.

Your personalised portal is ready! Simply click the Personal Login Url to see your login page in action.

The clipboard icon allows you to copy the link to your clipboard so you can share the link easily.

When on the portal, it should look something like this:

On the right above the login area I have my Logo and on the left I have my Banner Image. The other colours are determined by the Branding options you have already chosen. More information on how to edit them is available here.

Updated on: 05/10/2023

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