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Task Statuses

This document is for the new task system coming November 2023

Task Statuses are used to categorise your Tasks in Plannr. This also customises the columns on the My Tasks task board.

Viewing Task Statuses

You can navigate to Task Statuses from the Settings tab on the left hand side menu.

The complete and archived statuses cannot be edited.

Adding a New Task Status

To add a new Task Status, select Add New from the top right.

The following modal then appears:

Here, you can enter in a name for the new status, and select the colour. You can enter in the hex code for your desired colour if you wish. Once saved, your new status will be visible on the Tasks Statuses page.

Adding a new status also adds a new column to the taskboard.

Editing a Task Status

You can edit your Task Statuses from the main Task Statuses page in Settings.

a) Select this to edit the colour associated with the task status.

b) Select this to edit the name of the task status.

c) Select this to delete the task status.

d) Use the arrows on the end to edit the position of the task status on the taskboard.

Ensure to save after editing.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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