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Time Logging

In Plannr, you have the ability to log the time you spend on a specific thing.

Starting a TImer

To start a Timer, select the clock icon from the bar at the top.

This will open up the following modal. Form here, you can enter in what you're working on, and link it to a specific client if you wish. You can either have a timer for a set period of time, or you can have it counting until you stop it. Once you're ready, press Start Timer.

You will then see the timer running up at the top.

You can click into this to bring up the modal again and stop the timer if needed.

Seeing Your Logged Time

If you go to My Logged Time under the Dashboard tab from the left hand side menu. Here you can see your total logged time at the top, as well as a breakdown of the logged time for each day that time was logged.

If more than one timer was started that day, the different sections will appear in different colours.

You can edit any of these time logs by clicking on the relevant log.

Updated on: 30/10/2023

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