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Verifying your FCA Number

Your FCA number is can now be saved and stored against your firm on your Plannr site. This is required for EDI and upcoming improvements to our Addons.

Adding your FCA number

To access the FCA verification page, go to Settings and then select FCA from the list on the left hand side.

You can also access this area from the top right by clicking on My account and then selecting FCA.

Once here, enter in your FCA number and press Add.

Once added, you'll see it appear below as Pending while a member of the Plannr team confirms that is the correct FCA number for your firm. There is nothing further for you to do at this time, but you can delete the FCA number while it is in the unverified state if there is an issue.

When the Plannr team have confirmed it, you'll see the status change to Verified and the date that this was actioned.

You will also receive a notification when your FCA number is verified.

Once verified, you will not be able to remove the FCA number yourself.

Removing your FCA number

If for any reason you need to remove a previously added FCA number, please contact our support via [email protected] or our live chat.

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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