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Document Builder

In Plannr, you have a fast and efficient way of creating documents- The Document Builder!

From any page in Plannr you can find the Document Builder under the Business tab from the menu on the left hand side.

Creating a Template

Please note: Any templates made in Document Builder V2 will need to be recreated in V3. This can be done by simply copying and pasting the contents of the document.

Before you can generate a document, you need to create a template. To create a template, go to the Templates tab in the Document Builder and select Add New.

This opens the following modal asking for a name for the document. Once you've entered one, hit save.

You are then taken to the following screen where you can edit your new document.

Along the top you have different elements for editing. More information on these are available here.

Once you have finished editing your template, ensure to save it.

Generating a Document

Once your template is made, you are ready to generate the document. Go to the Documents tab and select Add New and then Generate document from template.

The following modal then appears asking you to select the template, name the document and decide which client/clients you wish the document to be stored against. If you have data placeholders in your document, you will also have to select the client to populate the placeholders.

Once you hit save you'll be taken to a draft of your document. Once you've reviewed it and you're happy with it select publish. This will finalise the document, convert to a PDF and store it against the client.

Once the document has been published, it's stored in the Documents > Document Builder folder under the client's account.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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