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Document Builder Elements

This article details the different elements of the Document Builder. More information on the Document Builder is available here.

Editing Options

Along the top you can see the different options you have within the Document Builder.

Save - Saves the document.

Open - Gives you the option to open a .docx or .doc file in the Document Builder to edit further.

We recommend you use .docx

Undo and Redo - Give you the option to go revert any changes you have made.

Comments - Lets you make comments in the Document. Please note, these are not internal and will be pulled through into the .docx or .pdf file.

Image - Gives you the option to upload images from your computer.

Table - Allows you to insert a custom table, giving you the options to configure the number of columns and rows in it.

Link - Lets you insert links into the documents. When you open this up, you'll have the options to customise the text that displays and the ScreenTip text.

Bookmark - Bookmarks let you remember a specific place within your document. You can navigate back to it at any time by selecting the relevant bookmark.

Bookmarks can also be used in Links

Table of Contents - Opens up the following side panel that allows you to configure and create a table of contents complete with page numbers and hyperlinks.

Headers and Footers - Opens up the following side panel you the option to add headers and footers to all pages in your document.

Page Setup - Gives you the option to edit the page setup (including margins, paper and layout) or columns.

Page Number - Inserts a page number.

Page Break - Allows you to insert page breaks and section breaks.

Find - Opens up a side bar allowing you to search for and replace terms.

Form Fields - Lets you insert text fields, check boxes or drop-down menus.

Local Clipboard - Toggles between the internal clipboard and the system clipboard.

Insert Data Placeholder - Opens up the following modal letting you insert whichever data placeholders you want.

Text Options

On the right hand side you have a side panel that can be opened from the icon in the top right (highlighted below). This allows you to customise the font, colour, size etc. of the text.

Font Options

Currently, there are 16 fonts to choose from in Plannr. However, we're continuously looking at ways to improve this and bring in other fonts.

Should you have a specific font you wish to use for your templates, you can create the template within Plannr then download the .docx version to personalise within Word.

Updated on: 15/04/2024

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