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Signature Requests

To send a Signature Request, you first need a document to sign. To do this, the document must have the appropriate signature Data Placeholder in a document from the Document Builder.

Setting up the Signature Request

Go to the Signature Requests from the Business tab on the left hand side menu.

Select New Signature Request.

The following modal then appears asking for details about the request

Select which employee should review this document.

Choose the client/clients from whom you wish to request the signature/signatures. These individuals must already have logins to Plannr set up.

Select the document template from the document builder.

Once the document template is selected, more options appear. These are to fill in information required for the Data Placeholders in the document.

Select the client to populate the client-1 placeholder.

Send for Signatures when ready.

Now the signature request is sent, it's time for the employee to review it.

Employee Review

The employee will receive a branded email requesting a review of the document.

This email may take a few minutes to come through and could go to your spam folder

When this is clicked, it takes the employee to the following page where they can look over the document and confirm they've reviewed the document.

After confirming, you are brought to this page where you can download the document if you wish.

Client Signature

The client receives this branded email inviting them to sign the document.

The button takes them to the following page where they can sign the document.

Finding the Document

Once completed, go into the client's profile and select Work then Documents. From here, go to Document Signatures and select the signature with the appropriate date.

Here you can see the signed document as well as a document confirming the legitimacy of the signature including timestamps and IP addresses for the signees.

Updated on: 23/02/2024

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