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Need to export your data out of Plannr? This can be done easily using the Reporting feature.

From the left hand side menu, select Reporting under the Business tab.

Here you'll see all previous reports and any report templates that have been saved. For now, we're going to look at creating an export so select Generate New.

Now select what type of report you're wanting to do. For this example, we'll focus on a Client Export. The report types available are:
Actual Vs Estimate Report
Adviser Income Detailed
Aged Debt Report
Business Staff Member Export
Cases Export
Charges Export
Client Expenditure Export
Client Export
Conversion Pipeline
Employee List
Group Scheme Members Export
Holding Export
Income Reconciliation Export
New Business Export
Notes Export
Plan Export
Premium Export
Revenue Analysis Based On Receipts
Task Export
Time Entries Export

Give the export a Name.

Select the filters by which to sort the clients. Not all filters need to be filled in, it depends on how specific you would like the export to be.

Decide which order to sort the exports in.

Select whether or not to save this as a new template.

Press Generate Report when ready.

This takes you back to the Reporting page where you can see it processing.

A quick refresh and the report shows as complete!

Clicking on it will bring up the following. Click on CSV to download it.

Clicking Actions gives the option to delete.

Running Specific Reports

While the above guide takes you through the general reporting process, we have some guides for specific reports available below:

Premium History Export
Notes Export
Tasks Export
Detailed Holdings Export
Charges Export
Plan Export
NBE Export

Updated on: 15/03/2024

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