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Document Builder - Placeholders

We've now created a helpful guide which outlines the current placeholders available within Document Builder! You can download the guide here

In the first column, you'll find the Placeholder Name & Description - The description is there for some of the placeholders that aren't always self explanatory.

In the second column, you'll find where it can be updated in Plannr - This is especially helpful if you wish to update the clients details before publishing a document.

In the final column, you'll find the actual data placeholder itself - You can copy these placeholders into your templates to save yourself a bit of time.

Please note, the data placeholders quoted are for Client 1 only, should you require it for Client 2, 3, etc. you will need to amend the number for this to work. This is the same for plans/assets, etc.

This guide will not include any custom fields you have created within your own site and is purely for information purposes only.

Updated on: 29/05/2024

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