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Plannr allows you to customise your expenditure to help with cashflow modelling.

Setting Up Expenditure

The Expenditure section can be found by going to the Settings tab.

From here, you can either edit the Life Stages or the Expenditure Structure.

Expenditure Life Stages

You can set up your own life stages in Plannr by going to the create new button in the top right. These stages can either have no set start and end dates if you wish, but bear in mind if you enter a start date you must enter an end date.

Once created, they can be dragged and dropped to edit the order of the stages.

Hovering over the three dots on any of the stages brings up the option to edit or delete the stage.

Expenditure Structure

We have created some standard sections for expenses and they appear in alphabetical order but, as with the life cycles, you can drag and drop these sections to reorder them.

On each section, there is a plus icon that allows you to add a field and a delete icon that allows you to delete the whole section. There is also a downward arrow that, when clicked, reveals the fields in the section.

From here, you can edit or delete any of the fields by selecting the appropriate icon.

Please note that, if a field is deleted, all client holdings against that field will be removed and cannot be recovered.

Information on client expenditure is available here.

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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