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Finding Factfind Info

Once a client has completed a Factfind they are sent, the information inputted will be applied to their client profile. This guide will detail where to find the information from each section of the Factfind. More information on Factfinds can be found here


Select the Contacts option from the left side of any screen in Plannr.

Select the desired client and click on their name to bring up their profile.

You are then presented with the client page. From here there are 5 options: Dashboard, Personal Details, Work, Conversations and Access. To see an overview of the factfind, select Work.

This brings up further options, in order to see the factfind select Factfind Requests.

The next screen you are presented with shows all factfind requests that have been sent. Select the desired factfind to see all information inputted by the client.

Individual Sections

From the client page, pressing the Personal Details tab brings up a list of different sections regarding information associated with the client. This is where information collected in the factfind is stored.

1. Basic Details:

Under Core Info you can find all the basic details collected in the factfind, along with other information such as review dates.

2. Contact Details:

All email addresses, telephone numbers and addresses associated with the client are stored here.

3. Dependants:

Any dependants appear here.

4. Employment:

Employment details are stored here.

5. Income:

Income details are displayed here.

6. Expenses:

Any expenses are recorded here.

7. Health:

Health information is stored here.

8. Estate Planning:

Estate details are recorded here.

9. Goals:

Client goals are displayed here.

10. State Pension:

Pension details are recorded here.

11. Plans:

Any plans are stored here and can be filtered by owner or type.

Click on an individual plan to bring up an overview with further details about the plan, including a graph showing growth over time.

Updated on: 16/10/2023

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