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Premium History Import

In Plannr, you have the ability to import Premium History. More information on Imports is available here.

Completing a Premium History Import

Download the CSV Template

If you already have a CSV to import, you can skip this step

Go to Imports from the Business tab on the left hand side menu. From here, select Add New as if you were going to complete the import. You'll be taken to the Import Wizard, where you can select the type of importer you wish to run. Once the Premiums importer is selected, you'll see a link appear below saying download sample import CSV. Click on this and the CSv template will be downloaded!

Populate the CSV

If you already have a CSV to import, you can skip this step

Once downloaded, input your data into the CSV.

The fields are explained below:

uuid refers to the premium uuid.

plan_uuid refers to the plan uuid.

transfer_type refers to the method of transfer. This can be switch or transfer.

date_advice_given refers to the date that the adviser gave the advice regarding this premium. This should be formatted as DD/MM/YYYY.

amount refers to the premium amount.

percentage refers to the % of the pensionable_salary for pension contributions.

frequency refers to the frequency of transactions. This can be:
four weekly
one off

source refers to the source of the contribution. For pensions, this could be employer or employee.

payment_method refers to the source of funds. This can be:
salary sacrifice
salary deduction
direct debit
standing order
bank transfer

start_date refers to the start date of the premium.

end_date refers to the end date for the premium, if it has one.

pensionable_salary refers to the client's pensionable salary. This is important when

details are the notes.

transferred_from_plan_uuid refers to the uuid of the plan it was transferred from, if applicable.

transferred_from_plan_type refers to the type of plan it was transferred from e.g. Pension if applicable.

transferred_from_plan_sub_type refers to the sub-type of plan it was transferred from e.g. Deferred Benefit Pension if applicable.

UUIDs can be found by looking at the end of the url.

After the /, you'll see a string of letters and numbers. This is the universally unique identifier.

Once you're happy with the information in the csv, save it.

Import the CSV

Go back to Imports from the Business tab and select Add New.

This brings you back to the Import Wizard. Here, you'll be taken through the import, step by step.

More detailed information on this can be found here.

First is the Setup. Here you must select the Premiums importer from the dropdown, select the Create mode and upload the relevant file.

Proceed through the steps and, once it's complete, you'll see this screen, confirming that the import has succeeded.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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