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Client Import - Creating Joint Clients

You can easily create Joint Client records, via the Client Import function within Plannr.

You will need to create your Individual Clients first in order to link them to the Joint Client record. You can find more information on this here

Once you've created your Individual Clients and you want to create a Joint Client record to link them to, follow these steps:

Go to Imports from the Business tab on the left hand side menu

Select Add New

You're then presented with the Import Wizard.

From the dropdown choose Client

Download sample import CSV

Next, you're going to want to prepare the excel file for the import. At a minimum you need the following columns:

UUID - Leave this blank
Type - Put this as Joint
Client Regulatory Status - This can be one of the following:
Retail Client
Professional Client
Eligible Counterparty
Not Applicable
Entity Name - This will be what you want the Joint Record to be named, e.g. Mr & Mrs Smith Joint
Owners - This will be the UUIDs of the Individual Records you want linked to the newly created Joint Record
When you're inputting the UUIDs into the spreadsheet, you need to separate them with a comma but no space

To get the UUIDs for the Individual clients you want to link to the Joint Client record, we recommend you run a Client Export - if you're unsure how to do this, you can find the support article here.

When doing imports, we recommend deleting any columns you don't intend on updating, you can do this by selecting the columns you don't require and deleting at the top of the excel spreadsheet.

Please note, the 'Owners' column is currently Column CA so make sure you don't delete it!

When you've got all the data in the right place on the spreadsheet, it should look something like this:

Go back into Plannr and select the import method you wish to use:

Validate - used to confirm there are no errors in your CSV (we recommend you do this first before creating)
Create - used to import new clients

Select the CSV to upload

When you're ready, press Proceed

You'll then be moved onto Step 2 of the import: Mapping

As you're using the Plannr Sample CSV template, the columns will auto match

For all other columns you can set them to 'Set all unmapped to ignore' - This will depend on what you've included on your import

All unmapped columns will then set to 'Ignore Field' where there's no existing column

Click Save and Progress at the bottom of the page

You'll then be taken to Step 3: Starting the Import

Press Proceed

Your import will then begin. It will go through the processing stage initially and if there are any issues the import will fail. You'll then get a report highlighting the reason it failed. If there are no failures, you'll be taken to the Results. Here, you'll be given a summary of the import. If you want to remove the import record, you can at any time by pressing the Delete button in the top right hand corner.

Repeat the above process to Create the client, if you Validate the data first.

Once the Create Import has processed, if you go back into the Client search screen and look up the Client name, you'll see the Joint Client record has now been created.

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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