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Group Scheme Members Import

Our Importer has the ability to add members to your Group Scheme via csv import. More information on Group Schemes can be found here.

It's important that you follow these steps in the order below to ensure the import works

Download the Staff Member Import Template. You can find this by going to the importer under the Business tab and going to add a new Business Staff Member Import.

Download the Group Scheme Members Import Template. You can find this under the Group Scheme Members Importer from the Business tab on the lefthand side menu.

Populate the Staff Members template with the relevant staff details.

You can find client and business UUIDs from either an export of their data or by looking at the end of the url of the particular client/business you’re looking at.

Import the Staff Members, ensuring there are no errors.

More general information on importing can be found here.

Once this is complete, run a staff member export.

This will give you the uuids of each member of the scheme.

Populate the Group Scheme Member template with the relevant staff details. Please note, the first column should remain blank when importing members for the first time. The UUID of the group scheme should go in column B and the UUID of the client should go in column D.

Finally, import the Group Scheme Members, ensuring there are no errors!

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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